Family dentistry deals with the dental treatment of patients belonging to all age groups. Dr. Agah based out of Palo Alto, as a family dentist, specializes in a wide variety of dental services and treatments.Opting for a family dentist offers several benefits.

  • Convenience: The entire family can visit the same dental clinic, be it dental cleaning, restorations such as crowns, bridges and implants, treatment of an infection, root canal treatment, etc. In case of an emergency, getting an immediate appointment would also be easy.
  • One stop treatment for all types of dental problems: A family dentist would handle all your dental problems, not just for you, but also for your entire family. So, it would be easy for you to get an appointment with the dentist if anyone in your family has any dental problem. Also, when the size of the family is very big, having a personal family dentist would yield great benefits such as saving time and money, getting emergency appointments, etc.
  • The benefit of familiarity: Visiting the same dentist every time would build a relationship of trust and care between your family and the dentist. Getting any major treatment would often cause nervousness and anxiety in the patient. But, visiting a family dentist would help ease one’s nerves before getting any treatment. Also, maintaining paperwork would be hassle-free, as the office would already have your records.Dr. Agah works with a network of highly experienced specialists. In case of a special treatment need, Dr. Agah will be happy to refer you to the right specialist who has knowledge of your needs and concerns.
  • Top-notch treatment: As you and your family are familiar with the dentist, the dentists attending to you will be well trained and experienced. They would have a good idea about your dental set-up. The treatment offered will be of prime quality.

How to choose the right family dentist?

There are certain aspects that need to be considered before you choose a family dentist.

  • Read the reviews about the doctor from patients who have previously visited him/her.
  • Assess the quality of service that the dentist and his/her subordinates offer.
  • Understand the range of dental services. It can be found on the website if there’s one.
  • Inquire about the available payment plans.